DT Bistro

Food: *
Service: *
Ambiance: *
Recommended: Probably
Price for 2: $100 (2, 3-course prix-fixe, 2 glasses of wine)

It was a desperate situation.

My dining companion and I had literally walked from the Harbourfront all the way up to Ossington and Harbord (over 5km…this was not part of our day plan). Exhausted and still not having found a restaurant, we hailed a cab that took us to the Harbord and Spadina area, dropped us off, and left us to cross our fingers and pray that we found a suitable dining establishment, preferably with a patio.

We waffled a bit, but settled on DT Bistro because the menu looked palatable and there was at least kind of a patio, since the main dining room had several beautiful french doors that opened onto the street.

Overall, I’d say we made a good choice.

The meal started a little sketchy, since there was no room in the main dining area and we were seated right by the gelato counter, which was a bit warm. However, our friendly server soon brought us some water (which he constantly refilled) along with some toasty bread and olives. We were famished and grateful for anything!

I ordered off the $25 prix fixe menu, which was a pretty good steal considering it included an appetizer (normally $6-8), main course (normally $18) and a dessert ($7-8). The appetizer was a mixed green salad, with berries, radishes, carrots, sliced nectarines and a light dressing. Although creative, the salad was nothing to be marvelled at.

Our main courses, however, were generous and satisfying. I had a stack of 3 Chinese 5-spice braised ribs, with large sweet potato fries. The ribs were tasty, the 5-spice flavour unique and welcome. It was creatively accompanied by pickled veggies, which were interesting but didn’t strike me as doing anything special for the dish.

My dining companion stuck to the traditional menu, ordering the rack of lamb. It came well-seasoned and cooked medium-rare as requested, with a blueberry/carmelized onion sauce that added nice flavour. Again, the accompaniments, mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables, were well-executed but not astounding.

Because we arrived late in the evening, the official prix-fixe dessert selection had dwindled slightly. However, we were in luck because we got to select from the wide array of tempting treats prepared by culinary award winning pastry chef, Don Duong (we chose a lemon brulee tart, which was delicious). Don was casually manning the gelato counter and overseeing things all night, and he came over to chat with us and encourage us to come back!

Overall, we had a nice evening. The restaurant was adorable, our server was quite helpful (and patient- we were indecisive), and meeting the solicitous proprietor and chef was a nice touch.

I think I’d go back for their incredible dessert selection and gelato alone…I’ve also heard brunch is good. 🙂

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