Tacos El Asador

Tacos El Asador

Service: *
Ambiance: *
Times visited: 1
Recommended: No
Price for 2: $35, with 2 alcoholic drinks.
Other notes: Cash only.

First of all, let me say that I am NOT the type of person who showed up at Tacos El Asador expecting Old El Paso fajitas. I know what they mean when they say authentic Salvadoran food, and it does not look like Taco Bell.

Let me ALSO say that I am not rating Tacos El Asador vis-a-vis more upscale restaurants. T.E.A. is clearly an off-beat, low-key version of a fast food joint: you can see the entirety of the tiny kitchen when you walk in. They ain’t cookin’ much to order.

With that out of the way, let me just lay it out there: the food was mediocre at best. And very little fell into the category of “best”.

On the plus side, this place is mega cheap, so we ordered a lot. Here is the rundown.

  • 2 pupusas (mixed & bean) – Probably the worst pupusas I’ve ever had. The filling, especially the bean filling, tasted burnt and unappetizing.
  • A chorizo enchilada – Not bad. The meat was a little grainy but this was probably the best item of the bunch (minus the guac and chips). A crispy shell topped with shredded ice berg lettuce and probably some sour cream and crumbly cheese which is kind of like feta but probably isn’t feta. We ate this by awkwardly breaking it up and eating it like nachos with very haphazard toppings and no cheese to meld things together.
  • A beef soft taco- Dry meat with a soft shell that had kind of a stale texture. Not so much.
  • A chicken tamale. – I’m not a tamale connoisseur, but it certainly didn’t speak to me.
  • Guac and chips. – This was good. It was a massive plate of homemade guacamole embedded with chips. Can’t go wrong!

Accompanying the food was a bowl of onions and jalapenos and some legit salsa. And there were fresh limes with most plates. However, I can’t say that these elevated my dining experience out of one oft disappointment.

Maybe we picked the wrong items (even though we sampled like 3/4 of the menu), but this restaurant just wasn’t a hit. I was really looking forward to some low-key, authentic food (people rave about this place!), but all I got was stomach ache.

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