Brief Reviews: Self-Serve Frozen Yogourt in Toronto

Toronto is a BIG city. And with so many restaurants and so many people, you’re bound to get some restaurant duplication.

In lieu of spending all my time completing unique reviews for places that have a similar concept, similar quality, and a similar price range, I’ve decided to group these types of restaurants into one post. Instead of doing the complete review gamut, I’ll do a reduced version with just enough detail to give you a flavour for each restaurant and if there’s anything that makes it unique.

Check back for more of these “brief reviews” in the future! Today’s theme: frozen yogourt (of the self-serve, weigh-and-pay variety).


Quick description: Yoyo’s is a Canadian-born self-serve, pay-by-weight frozen yogourt joint that started in London, Ontario and has since expanded to the Annex area of Toronto.

Yogourt options: They usually have about 8 frozen yogourt and 4 no-yo (non dairy) options available. Standard yogourt flavours  include classic tart, chocolate, and vanilla, with flavours such as cappuccino, new york cheesecake, cookies and cream, very raspberry, very strawberry, green tea, dulce de leche and red velvet rotating in. They serve “fresh, liquid-based” frozen yogourt that is Kosher certified and usually gluten free. You can see both the nutrition info and ingredients on their website.

Topping options: Check out their list here.

Go if: You’re in it for the yogourt, not the fun factor. Yoyo’s has authentic, yogourty taste- this is not watery sorbet!


Quick description: Menchie’s is a large self-serve, pay-by-weight frozen yogourt franchise. Their claim to fame is their huge assortment of toppings and rotating flavours.

Yogourt options: For a list of their flavours, click here. Each location carries about 10 flavours at a time. You can also check out the nutritional information (but not ingredients) on their website.

Topping optionsCheck out their selection of toppings here. They have tons, including lots of chocolates and candies.

Go if: You’re in it for the fun and wide selection. Also, only go if you don’t mind the idea of TONS of people scooping from the same bins of toppings…it’s a popular place!


Quick description: These guys claim to be the “original” inventors of fat-free frozen yogourt in Toronto. They have four Toronto locations, including the one I visited at Bathurst and Eglinton.

Yogourt options: I can’t find any info on their website about what they do and don’t have on the regular (also, while nutritional info is available, the ingredients aren’t). When I visited, they had Peanut Butter, Butter Pecan, Chocolate, Vanilla, Red Velvet, Neopolitan, Tart, Tart Mango, Mint Chocolate, and Strawberry. After trying all of them, I couldn’t honestly pick one I liked. The mint chocolate and butter pecan were probably the best, and tasted much like their ice cream counterparts. The chocolate and vanilla were god awful (the vanilla was orange-coloured– what?!) and the mango tasted distinctly like fake tropical flavouring. Yuck.

Topping options: I was personally pretty impressed with their topping options. They had a ton of different chocolate options (including malt balls, choco rocks, caramel chocolate drops, dark chocolate raspberry cups and chocolate preztels), several “baked good” options (like brownies and double chocolate cookie dough), and Ghiradelli sauces (plus a bunch of other stuff like bobas, fruit, and cereals).

Go if: You want a quieter option to Menchie’s, with a similar selection of toppings (including even more variety than the ones I saw last time I was there).

Top It!

Quick description: This is a quite humble self-serve frozen yogurt place near Yonge and Eglinton. As far as I can tell, it’s not a chain.

Yogourt options: The yogourt was a definite highlight- probably the most flavourful yogourt I’ve had at one of these places. When I went, the options were: Grandma’s Chocolate (nice and chocolate-y), Vanilla, Original Tart, Cake Batter, Key Lime Pie (delicious!), and Strawberry, among a couple of others. I think they rotate flavours every now and again, but since they don’t have a website you’ll have to just go to find out what’s in store!

Topping options: I found it ironic that the topping selection was not that impressive. They had some candies, a limited selection of chocolate (M&M’s, chocolate chips, Skor bits), and a few fruits. There was chocolate, caramel, and “marshmallow fluff” sauce.

Go if: You want good frozen yogourt in the Yonge & Eg area! (And you aren’t too fussy about topping variety.)

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