Future’s Bakery and Café

Future’s Bakery and Café
No website…that I could find.

Food: *
Service: *
Ambiance: *
Times visited: 2
Recommended: For casual hangouts
Price for 2: $20-30

Future’s Eggs Benedict Breakfast & Chicken Ceasar Salad

This is a busy, cafeteria-style coolster café in the Annex that serves up homestyle cooking with an Eastern European flair (think pierogi, schnitzel, cabbage rolls, a selection of sandwiches and some salad options). I’ve learned by experience that the dining procedure is as follows:

1. Claim your table with coats and other non-expensive territory-marking items
2. Go to the counter at the back of the room, order your food, and pay
3. Self-serve the drinks you have paid for (you can take a cup)
4. Go to the coffee & dessert counter to collect and/or order any coffees or desserts
5. Go to the cutlery cabinet at the back of the restaurant to the right of the counter to collect your cutlery
6. Wait until they call your order
7. Eat, then take your dishes to the buckets on the little island thing in the middle-ish of the restaurant

Overall, I like Future’s. Although the food is largely uninspired, it’s cheap and the portions are plentiful. And their breakfast menu is available all day.

They also have a pretty impressive selection of cakes, pies, and other desserts, and they whip up some very inexpensive coffee-based drinks (think fun, but not fancy). Plus they’re licensed and have a patio.

If you want a casual place to get some work done or to hang out with friends (before or after the bar, perhaps?), check out Future’s.

Additional reviews of cakes (more to be added, I’m sure):

Butterscotch Crunch– To me, there was not enough butterscotch, and not enough crunch. It wasn’t a cheese cake, so the white filling stuff is a kind of oily cream that wasn’t too exciting.

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