Red Room

Red Room

Food: *
Service: * (but slow)
Ambiance: */**
Times visited: 1
Recommended: Yes
Price for 2: $30
Other: Cash or debit (there’s an ATM with a $1.50 fee)

The person that encouraged me to visit the Red Room commended it for its “divine avocado and brie sandwich”, despite the “slow-as-Christmas service”. She was absolutely right on both counts.

I went there on a Thursday night to enjoy a relaxing post-work-post-concert evening with some friends from school. The atmosphere was quirky, fun, and inviting- with tea-stacked walls, dim lighting, a jumble of books and other paraphernalia, and colourful strings of Christmas lights. Smoky music that almost sounded live was rolling out of the speakers, and the crowd, while not huge, seemed friendly.

I was amazed at the menu pricing and scope (as far as I could tell, the whole menu, including brunch, is available ’til close). There was sandwiches, soups, asian-flair dishes (including pad thai), perogies, spring rolls, and much more- all for 8 dollars maximum. The aforementioned sandwich was $4.75 and consisted of melted brie, fresh avocado, and crisp lettuce and tomato sandwiched between 2 texas-sized pieces of perfectly toasted bread. Some of my friends got the sweet potato fries, which they also raved about.

Yeah, the service was slow, but it wasn’t “I’m too cool to care about you” or “I’m incredibly negligent” service, just “I’m taking my time as I get to my long to-do list” service. Order a drink. Those come fast. (Just don’t order a ceasar, mine was terrible).

I had a really fantastic night at Red Room. It’s the kind of laid-back, student-but-not-crazy-drunken-undergraduate-student place that I enjoy visiting.

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