Roti Cuisine of India

Roti Cuisine of India

Food: */**
Service: *
Times visited: 1
Recommended: For easy takeout
Price for 2: $25 (2 rotis, 1 mango lassi)

In lieu of a review, here are my top tips after my experience at Roti Cuisine of India:

1. Go for take-out.

The ambiance was terrible, which was a bit of a surprise since it looked like it might have potential from the outside! Our servers were nice, however. :)

2. Skip the appetizers.

We had the Chat and the Veggie Samosas. They were both fine, if you’re in to that sort of thing. But I wasn’t that into it. Too much deep fried-ness. And I needed the room for my roti!

3. Get a roti for sure, and order it MILD, not medium– unless you want it pretty spicy! We had the chicken curry and mixed veggie curry. Both were really tasty, and they were huge. We could have easily just gotten one for the two of us and split it at home with a salad.

4. Get a mango lassi. (It’s basically a mango “smoothie” that is really heavy on the sweet mango juice- this was a life saving accompaniment to our medium-spicy roti!)

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