Kale Eatery

Kale Eatery Vegan Restaurant
Food: *
Service: *
Ambiance: *
Times visited: 2
Recommended: Yes
Price for 2: ?

Kale is kind of a vegan cafeteria. There are sit-in plates and tables, but I prefer to take my food to go.

According to their website, “We use as much organic and local food that is available to us. Our creations are all made daily, from scratch. None of our grains, beans or veggies come from a can. We don’t believe in microwaves or deep fryers and only serve raw, steamed or cooked foods.”

I’ve been there for lunch a couple times now. I get myself a compostable food box and take tiny little portions of everything that looks good. I have about a half-full box for $5-7.

It’s kind of rabbit-foody compared to what I normally eat, but that’s not such a bad thing. Everything is totally edible and some of it is quite tasty, although I haven’t had anything that really stood out to me.

They also have some interesting vegan sweets. I tried the date brownie which doesn’t replace a real brownie but was hefty and pretty chocolately. (Nothing like the vegan chocolate cake at Fresh- that stuff tastes LEGIT.)

For me Kale is a lunch staple when I’m in the area and want to feel good about what I’m eating. When you have greens, kale, beets, potatoes, squash, and carrots all in one meal, you’re doing pretty good, right?


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