Rent-a-Room Karaoke Bars

If you want to sing karaoke but are feeling a bit shy (or you want an awesome select-your-own-songs dance and singing party with some friends), Toronto’s rent-a-room karaoke bars are for you!

Rent-a-room karaoke is probably one of the funnest things I’ve discovered in a while, and Toronto has a few good spots. Most are open really late– so you can have a wild night of letting loose.

Bar+ Karaoke –This place is pretty classy, pretty clean, and has a huge song selection. They even have an app so you can browse and search for songs at your leisure (and, you know, prepare for weeks in advance). Bar+ is by far the best overall in my opinion, although the small rooms are a bit pricier than some of the other places ($25/hour) and I think they might be less likely to cut you a deal.

BMB Karaoke — I don’t even know how to describe how tacky and borderline gross this place was. It was like a cheap hotel decorated by someone who collected odds and ends from weird garage sales and garbage bins. But HOLY SHIT did it make for a great night. We had a small room and it was pretty damn spacious. There were two mics with amazing reverb and great volume control. There were maybe 500-1000 songs– popular favourites and oldies. Not a huge selection but a good one. Super easy system- you could even change the key of all the songs. All the music videos were random Korean videos, and you got a score after every song (not sure what that was about…but we always got over 90, so we were clearly amazing). They have some drinking and non-drinking rooms and the alcohol selection is decent. On Monday to Wednesday from open until 9pm, pay for 1 hour and get unlimited extra hours. Their posted rates are $20/hour up to four people, $5 each additional person, but I think you could get a deal.

xo KaraokeThey take reservations for medium and large rooms only, and I have never been able to walk in and get a small room, so I can’t tell you how it is yet! Their rates are $20 (5 people), $40 (10 people) and $60 (20 people), and their website has coupons for 10% and 20% off.

Freezone Karaoke– This place was actually pretty comparable to BMB, with a slightly better song selection and a slightly worse drink selection (only bottled stuff). However there was less trouble getting a room and it seemed marginally cleaner than BMB. It has kind of a disco-neon vibe going on.

Downtown Echo Karaoke– Not sure…but web reviews don’t look promising.

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