Guu Sakabar

Guu Sakabar

Food: * (Met expectations)
Service: ** (Exceeded expectations)
Ambiance: ** (Exceeded expectations)
Recommended: Yes (Probably)
Price for 2: $60 (4 plates, 2 drinks)
Other: Although the name says “bar”, this is a full-service restaurant. Maybe I’m not the only one who was confused?

Guu is a trendy izakaya (which from what I can tell, is a Japanese bar with a tapas-style restaurant where people go to hang out). They have a huge menu of tapas-style dishes (medium-sized dishes that can be shared), as well as an extensive drink menu that includes cocktails and sake (alcohol made from rice with a taste somewhat similar to wine but brewed similar to beer– it can be drunk hot or cold).

I really was ready to be impressed by Guu. I heard it was upbeat, had great decor, and fun, inexpensive food.

We received a warm greeting by all of the restaurant staff when we walked in the door. Having looked it up, it seems like we maybe heard “irasshaimase” which means “welcome”. After we took off our shoes and got ourselves settled in the raised section, our server brought us each a warm cloth to wipe our hands, which saved me my traditional pre-eating restroom stop. Then we had some time to peruse the drink menu and food. My companions ordered some hot sake (I haven’t acquired a taste for this yet) and 2 cassis peach oolong cocktails (fruity and fresh).

Then we got into the dishes. We tried lots (see below). The portion sizes were good, the presentation was beautiful, and most of the dishes were pretty tasty. However, I was surprised that nothing stood out to me (except for the brie cheese bites- but not in a good way).

We had a unique experience, and the staff were amazing. I might go back for a fun night out with friends, but not for the food in particular.



Gindara- Grilled miso marinated black cod with yuzu miso sauce




Ebimayo- Deep fried prawn with spicy mayo



Ikapiri- Deep fried calamari with spicy ketcup and wasabi mayoIMG_2047


Kimchi Nabe- Pork, tofu and kimchi spicy hot pot


Yaki Udon- Pan-fried noodles with beef, mushroom, and scallion



Saba Oshizushi- Blowtorch cured mackerel pressed sushi IMG_2046



Brie Cheese- Deep fried brie cheese with mango and blueberry sauceIMG_2052



Katsuo- Skipjack tuna carpaccio with ponzu (Paper menu) IMG_2043

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