Yummy Korean Restaurant

Yummy Korean Restaurant
620 Bloor Street W

Food: * (Meets expectations)
Service: * (Meets expectations)
Times visited: 2
Recommended: Maybe
Price for 2: $20 (2 bibimbaps, comes with side dishes and tea/water)


My friend and I were cruising around Korea town, trying to find a spot to try some bibimbap. It wasn’t until we were seated in Yummy Korean Restaurant, surrounded by bright green walls, that I had some freaky deja-vu. I had been there just a few months before, and I didn’t remember much about it.

Clearly I write this blog for a reason.


Yummy is a pretty classic Koreatown restaurant- totally lacking ambiance, plastic water bottles and tea cups on the table, cutlery in a box, and a selection of my favourite dishes, including dolsot bibimbap, bulgogi, and jap chae.

Our server was sweet and unobtrusively present. The food came super quickly and was yummy, as promised. For the dolsot bibimbap (as I recall, a wallet-friendly $8.95), the rice a bit skinny and skimpy, but the veggies (bean sprouts, carrots, zuchinni, mushrooms, greens) were fresh tasting and the bulgogi/pork was tender and flavourful. I think I had pancakes on my last visit and I also remember them being pretty good.


The banchan were all quite edible- a delicious pancake, some fermented spicy cucumbers, garlic sprouts, potatoes in a sweet sauce, some glass noodles and the ever-present kimchi.

Overall, Yummy’s is a tasty, wallet-friendly Koreatown option.

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