Mount Everest Restaurant

Mt Everest

Food: ** (Exceeded expectations)
Service: ** (Met expectations)
Ambiance: * (Met expectations)
Recommended: Yes
Price for 2: $50
Times visited: 4+
Other: Vegetarian options available

Mt Everest is an Indian/Nepalese restaurant that strikes a strange but alluring balance between modesty and class. Although I am not a particular connoisseur of Indian food, every time I walk away from Mt Everest impressed by the quality of the food, smiling at the solicitous service, and appreciative of the atmosphere (this time there were pretty fresh flowers on all the tables and soothing instrumental music).

My latest visit was no exception. My friend and I split the Vegetarian Bhojan (for two). For $34.99, here is what we got:

  • A starter of papadum (flat crispy lentil bread) with chutneys
  • A piping-hot skillet of tandoori grilled onions, peppers, potatoes, broccoli
  • Palak paneer-  spinach-based curry with chunks of cheese much like cottage cheese
  • Dal makhani- tomato-based lentil curry
  • Peas pulav (aka peas pulao)- basmati rice with peas and bits of carrots
  • Riata (aka raita)- cucumber yogourt sauce
  • Naan- delicious, moist, slightly sweet oven-baked flatbread
  • Kheer- cardamom rice pudding

Everything was fresh and delicious, and we both had enough leftovers for the next day’s lunch!

I really do recommend Mt Everest. They also have a pretty reasonably priced all-you-can-eat lunch buffet!

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