Crêpes à GoGo

Crêpes à GoGo
750 Spadina Ave (actually off Bloor St. W- near 417)
Toronto, Ontario,

Food: ** (Exceeds expectations)
Service: See review
Ambiance: See review
Recommended: Unsure
Price for 2: $25 (2 crepes, 2 coffees)

Walking into Crêpes à GoGo feels like walking into Paris, which I love. The staff will greet you in french and go on speaking in french if you do! It has a very authentic vibe, and is a fun space, although there’s minimal seating and I wouldn’t plan to have a leisurely meal there.

The crêpes on the menu are a wonderful mix of sweet and savory, and though I have read on online reviews that the batter base is made off-site, the rest of the ingredients are top quality. I absolutely love the flavour combinations, especially the sweet-savory ones (like La Véronique- Brie, baby spinach, strawberry slices, maple syrup). The pricing isn’t over the top, where most of the combination/savory crêpes are between $7-10 and the basic sweet crêpes (e.g. chocolate, maple syrup, cinnamon sugar) are $5-6. All the crêpes I have eaten there have been delicious and the flavour balance has been lovely.

I would enthusiastically recommend Crêpes à GoGo if I hadn’t been genuinely stressed by the behaviour of owner/manager/chef Véronique (aka GoGo) on several occasions. She is clearly very passionate and knowledgable about her product, which I can appreciate, but on all the occasions I have visited she has made extremely opinionated comments that I found uncomfortable and intrusive. Much worse, I heard her yelling at her staff openly in the restaurant, which really upset me.

I guess what I’m really looking for is Crêpes moins GoGo? I love her product but have found her treatment of myself and others to be very discouraging.

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