Napoli Centrale

Napoli Centrale

Food: */** (Met expectations)
Service: /* (Approached expectations)
Ambiance: * (Met expectations)
Recommended: Probably
Price for 2: $75 (2 pizzas, a half-litre of house wine)

I am obsessed with neapolitan pizza. On that count, Napoli Centrale did not disappoint- the pizze oozed tradition and the crusts were perfection.

We ordered a margherita (my standard benchmark of comparison) and a napoletana (sausage/rapini/fior di latte). The margherita had a lovely sauce (although I find the traditional sauce lacking a little oomph), that perfect soft melty fior di latte cheese, 2 leaves of basil (apparently sparse basil is a thing…why?) and a crust that didn’t sag in the middle (hallelujah).

The napoletana was not for me…I have solidified that I don’t like rapini because I find it unpleasantly bitter. The sausage was also a bit bland, making the overall pizza leave something to be desired.

The sangiovese house wine was warm and quite serviceable.

In terms of ambiance, I think I’d like to sit near the oven at the back on a cold day. We were at the front by the open windows (which was nice), but I just wasn’t getting the feel I was hoping for. That wasn’t helped by our waiter, who was really nice but certainly did not lend any “traditional” cred.

I think I’d like to give Napoli Centrale another try when I’m craving pizza (but NO rapini!).  The price point is as good or better than other places, and the quality is impressive…no wonder it’s getting rave reviews!


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