Hodo Kwaja Korean Bakery

Hodo Kwaja (http://hodokwaja.ca/menu/) is a cute little Korean bakery that makes madeleines and waffle cookies, and also makes walnut cakes and Korean pancakes right in front of your eyes. Clearly this is a bakery run with passion, and according to their website they use no preservatives. Watching a skillful woman make Korean pancakes was a very enticing experience– seeing the dough kneaded and then flattened on to a sizzling cooktop, only to brown to a lovely golden colour. 

What’s not to love?

Well…if you’re me, Korean baked goods in general, it appears. We ordered 6 walnut cakes ($2) in all 3 flavours, as well as a Korean pancake with cinnamon/sugar/peanut filling.

My friend and I did not even want to finish them– which is a complete non-event when we go out to eat.

I think it must be that the ingredients are just not things I particularly enjoy, nor do I consider healthy– e.g. corn syrup, sugar, margarine, potato powder…the bland, starchy sweetness is just not my style.

I wish I loved it, though, because this place seems like a very worthwhile place to support. Check it out for yourself!

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