I’ve given this blog a little update, because the combination of restaurant reviews and recipes was getting cluttered. If you’re interested in my experimental recipes, check out my new cooking blog at kitchenexperimentsblog.wordpress.com

If you’re here for the restaurant reviews, read on…

Why does the world need another blog filled with restaurant reviews from an amateur?

1. I’m on a hunt for good restaurants in Toronto. Maybe you are too?

2. I like to remember the restaurants I’ve visited so I can decide whether or not to go back.

Simple as that!

My Dining Philosophy

I should probably tell you a little bit about my dining philosophy, so you can understand how I rate and what I would enjoy. This way, you hopefully won’t be disappointed when I lead you astray from what you would want to eat.

Ideally, my optimal dining experience involves healthy, natural ingredients, creatively combined, freshly prepared, perfectly cooked, and nicely presented. My ideal restaurant atmosphere is clean, unique, and inviting, with friendly and helpful servers that aren’t pushy, standoffish or self-important.

Obviously, exactly what I’m looking for varies from restaurant to restaurant. I feel like dining out should be an experience in general: one that brings people together and nourishes both the body and the soul. I’m not expecting the same thing from a student pub as I am from a gourmet restaurant- but, if done right, they can both have something fun and delicious to offer.

I don’t like to pay absurd amounts of money to eat out, so I try to find options in the below-$50-for-two price range. However, if extra dollars really do equal a much better experience or better quality, I’ll splurge once in a while.

I come from a family that really values food, so I know that cooking is complicated…but it can be transcendent when done right. That transcendence is what I’m looking for in a restaurant, whether the food itself is simple or complicated, cheap or expensive.

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