Restaurants to Write Up (Brief Reviews)

Full reviews will hopefully come eventually…

Ruby Watchco– food was awesome, portions were enormous. music was kind of loud and distracting. we got one of the extra additions, so worth it.

South Indian Dosa Mahal- cheap, delicious vegetarian south indian food. bring your cash and don’t bring large bills…or any requests outside the ordinary, the lady at the front was not down with that. had the cheese dosa, it was awesome. From an insightful Yelp review ““The main question is “What kind of bread do you want to go along with your curried potato, curried eggplant, delicious sambar, two kinds of coconut chutney and rotating third curry item?”

Annapurna– like stepping into another world– sky blue walls, incense burning, a shrine to apparently an indian cult leader…great cheap vegetarian food.

Oddseoul- cheap Korean fusion tapas (e.g. bulgogi cheesesteak, $5)– good but nothing mind-blowing. cocktails ($11) look good. totally packed seating set up, music was loud but good, servers were ok.

Ed’s Real Scoop– sort of like an upgraded version of the usual flavours. actual ice cream base wasn’t exciting, had die and artificial flavours, so not really my scene. had something involving bacon.

Bang Bang Ice Cream- there was a line out the door at 10:45pm on a rainy November night. for ice cream. they’re obviously popular. tons of cool flavours. we had london fog and key lime. both delicious, no weird colour, obviously real flavour. not as creamy as I would like but i would for sure go back.

Bloomer’s- vegan cafe, now has a real menu. got the pulled starfruit sandwich– really good. definitely a place to go if you’re vegan or just want some cool food.

The Common- coffee was good and cheap the first round or two, they have the good milk options i think without upcharge. a few baked goods. an okay place to grab coffee in the neighborhood

Lady Marmalade- top 3 brunch places in Toronto for sure. Wait could be long but it was worth it! Had the cheese and spinach waffle and the crepe croque monsieur — both were totally fantastic. Great flavours, vegetarian options, good coffee (Pilot).

Harbord Fish and Chips- good, but nothing crazy.

Annex HodgePodge- hole in the wall, but gourmet sandwiches with fresh local ingredients. good place to stop in for lunch or a snack. also have salads and vegan soups.

Big Fat Burrito– definitely best burrito I’ve had in Toronto. Cheesey cheese, fresh guac (no onion), mexican rice, spiced yams, burrito sauce, soft shell…oh yes. I wasn’t so sure about the $8.25 price tag for a small (my go to bean & cheese at Burrito Bandidos is $6), but it was delicious.

Rahier- quite flavorful, reasonably priced macarons (salted caramel filling was awesome, about $1.50 each by weight), chocolate croissant was good but more dry/flaky than buttery/chewy, one piece of good quality chocolate, about $2.50; whole small quiche ($14)- delicious filling, crisp crust (again I prefer more buttery, melt in your mouth), espresso was not bad but a bit of burnt aftertaste

Arte Gelato- Very impressed by how tasty gelato was. Tiny portions for price but high quality ($3 baby, 2 flavours; $5 regular, 3 flavours). Really liked bacio (hazelnut) and honey date pistachio. Would definitely return– and will try the blueberry basil next time!

Fresco’s Fish and Chips– Fish was delicious– fairly flakey (only very very slightly overdone), non-greasy and crisp outside. Chips were extremely underwhelming, didn’t seem fresh. Lobster bites were fine but mostly tasted like misc deep fried nuggets. Coleslaw was good and nice fresh lemon. Good tartar sauce. Might return for fish only.

Be Thai (formerly Bua Thai)- big reno, interior space is really nice. Veg pad thai had nice mix of veggies (broc, carrots, mini corns, bok choi, etc.)– fresh and nice peanuts and cilantro– a bit sweet but some of the best I’ve had in Toronto, which isn’t saying much. Might return.

Za Pizzeria– ($30 2 pizzas) pizzas quick-baked to order by slice/half/full pizza– mostly standing room and takeout– margherita ($9) was good but nothing surprising; duck & grapes ($18) was pretty good but not worth the price, duck was kind of dry –overall crust was thin and crisp; good pizzas but I have other favourites in the area (particularly Napoli Centrale). Might return.

Salad Days- phenomenal little cash-only salad bar in Cumberland Terrance (at Yonge & Bloor, Bay subway station)– lots of fresh toppings- I got a large mixed green salad with chicken, beets, avocado, pears, and feta cheese for less than $10 :); for a large custom salad (you can add meat for $1.25-2.75) it’s $5.80, which includes 4 toppings

Pho Rex-not making the mistake of not writing this one down again- Pho was bland, greasy; fresh rolls were sloppy, tiny shrimp– didn’t finish my food, which is saying something

Jet Fuel- strange way of making lattes (machiatto-style), coffee a bit bitter

CSI Coffee Pub- very full bodied coffee, cheap eats, great space, super friendly owners

House on Parliament- great neighbourhood gastropub; amazing burger and great fries

PF Chang’s- chinese food, not so good; I had a salad that was basically doused in sweet chili sauce as a dressing

Gordo Ex Cafe- delicious Venezuelan comfort food, everyone speaks Spanish!

Sam James Coffee Pocket- good latte, not the favourite

Fanny Chadwick’s- solid brunch, busy, interesting food, fun space

Nadege- good coffee and pastries; macaron’s a little bland

Harvest Kitchen- rooftop patio looks good, healthy food but not too exciting

Sense Appeal Coffee Roasters–really rich, syrupy espresso, sell fresh roasted coffee, industrial vibe, not really a place to hang out-want to go back for lunch which is only 12-2 weekdays- would definitely return

Owl of Minerva- bibimbap- with ground beef, and japchae, banchan was nothing special- and not as cheap as some other places in Koreatown, wouldn’t return

Napoli Centrale- great authentic napoletan pizza, very reasonable prices- would return

Bite and Sip- grab-and-go pretzels were fine, want to try the made to order pretzel bites- would return

Carribbean Roti Palace- really good roti- I liked the vegetarian one-would return

Saving Grace- great everyday brunch options and specials- liked the salad, reasonable prices, antiquey atmosphere- would return

Dark Horse– yummy espresso, modern vibe

Electric Mud –good BBQ, seems a bit overpriced for what you get- wouldn’t return

Seven Lives –amazing tacos, great pricing, no seating, would return to grab takeout when not too busy

Burgernator- tasty burgers

Moonbean- coffee was just fine, very casual atmosphere

Fika- liked the lavender hot chocolate and coffee was okay, cool vibe, open “kitchen” was a little awkward- apparently there is a good back patio and would return to try caramom/mint iced coffee in the summer

Sanagan’s Meat Locker– amazing sandwich and salad- would definitely return

Hibiscus–Great vegan crepes but really busy, slow service, would return for food

Bampot–Great vibe, delicious teas and good vegetarian food, would return

Playa Cabana Barrio Coreano– Not excited about the food or prices, wouldn’t return

Aviv Restaurant– Meh food, wouldn’t return

Mercatto — Decent lunch special, good food but pricey, would return

Golden Mint Coffee + Tea –really nice owners, food is not great, good tea, didn’t like decaf coffee, wouldn’t return

L’espresso bar mercurio– Pretty tasty although pricey takeout sandwich, would return; student discount

MerryBerry Cafe –great vibe, great food, definitely return

White Brick Kitchen –tasty southern comfort brunch, would return

It’s All Grk –fresh tasty greek food-  would return

Hogtown Vegan — comfort/southern vegetarian food- not healthy, wouldn’t return

Caplansky’s — montreal smoked meat, wasn’t overly impressed, might return

La Cubana– fun tasty Cuban food, might return

7 Numbers–Fun atmosphere and nice servers but all food too salty, wouldn’t return

Drift — Good food/neighbourhood atmosphere, liked Black & Blue burger and fish tacos; would return

Marcello’s — Fine, wouldn’t return

Oishi Kada– Fine, might return

Khao San Road– Good thai food, didn’t really like busy atmosphere, problems with food allergies

Insomnia –Good atmosphere, food good, nice server- would return

Frangipane–bakery, great croissants!

Harbord House –fine, but wouldn’t return

Sushi on Bloor — cheap, would return

Ki Modern Japanese (would return)

Greg’s Ice Cream (would return)

Auntie’s and Uncle’s (would return)

Einstien’s (would return)

Bedford Academy (wouldn’t return)

Japan Sushi (fine)

Tokyo Sushi (fine)

J.Time (wouldn’t return)

KO Burgers (wouldn’t return)

Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu (definitely wouldn’t return)

Duke of York (fine)

Nirvana (would return)

Licks (wouldn’t return)

The Madison (fine- although they gave me mouldy cheese and then tried to cover it up)

Sneaky Dee’s (would return)

Green Room (wouldn’t return?)

Bahn Mi Boys (would return)

Barque–wouldn’t return- not impressed by the BBQ meat, sides were lacklustre

Tenoch– would return- AMAZING cheap authentic mexican food, service was hella slow, great authentic/family vibe, good place to go with friends

Krepesz — would return- good for coffee or a reasonable lunch/snack

Host (Indian, Prince Arthur)– fine, wouldn’t return- nice atmosphere but wasn’t the best indian food I’ve had


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