Rating System

A quick note on the rating system I’ve chosen:

1. I’ve decided to rate on  food quality/presentation, service, ambiance. I also give a “recommended” rating to restaurants I’m eager to return to. If I’m not planning on going back, it’s not recommended.

2. I don’t like to compare apples to oranges. I rate restaurants against other similar types of restaurants (i.e. similar dining offerings, similar price range).

I use these descriptors:

***= outstanding
**= exceeds expectations
* = meets expectations
= below expectations

3. I’ll make a little note on price by giving you a loose estimate of the cost of a bill for 2 people, along with what you might get for that price. Generally, prices will include tax and tip.  I’ll make a category for any restaurants where 2 can eat for under $50.

4. I try to remember to put an “other” category with important info, including food preferences, for example, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, local, organic. 

5. I’ve added a “times visited” category to give you a sense of how reliable the rating is.

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